How Pinterest went the extra mile for Father’s Day

For those of you that don’t know, Pinterest is a social media site, based around sharing images. A user has a board, and Pins interesting, funny or informative images on their board. Users can have different themed boards, such as recipes, films or home décor.

As Father’s day grew closer, I began to watch how retailers were approaching the day, and what tactics they put into place.

One thing that struck me was how Pinterest prepared for Father’s Day. If you’re a user of Pinterest, or just interested in social media marketing, you’ll probably know that the majority of Pinterest users are women (around 80%), and Pinterest referrals are 10% more likely to make a purchase than through other social media sites. So this means that Pinterest allows retailers to reach customers in a way they never could before.

For the most part, Pins are images that are linkable. The link can take the user to the ecommerce store where the retailer can give the user more information. Other popular social sites such as Facebook and Twitter have tried to generate sales for retailers, but no other social site has been as popular for this as Pinterest.

So with Father’s Day approaching, I expected to see fellow user’s boards relating to their dads, or gift ideas. But Pinterest did something that I didn’t expect. They created a whole new category for dads.

Usually a Pinterest ‘pinner’, as users are known, can find interesting pins by searching categories. Below you can see a list of the current categories.

pinterest categories

You can see the new category, listed in red: For Dad.


When you click into this category, users see a typical Pinterest page. Boards created by other Pinterest users include ‘Celebrity Dads’, ‘Treats for dad’, and ‘Father’s Day gift ideas’.

fathers day instagram


At the moment it’s unclear whether Pinterest created the category and the boards followed, or if users created dad themed boards and Pinterest responded. It’s also unclear how long the category will remain live for. Today, Monday the 17th of June, the category is still live and people are continuing to pin to dad themed boards. I can’t see any information about this on Pinterest’s blog.

This takes Pinterest to the next level. They are placing items in the direct eye line of users, and retailers would be stupid not to take advantage on such a busy and innovative site. Pinterest could change the way ecommerce sites operate, and how they link sales to social media performance.

I didn’t see any other social sites going the extra mile, and creating something like this for their users. Across other social media sites I saw promoted Father’s Day tweets on Twitter, which are paid for by a retailer so that the tweet appears at the top of a list. And I didn’t see anything on Facebook – however, they recently made hashtags live, so they’ve probably got enough on their plate.


Did you see any other social sites, or companies, going the extra mile this Father’s Day? Let us know.

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