How the UK’s top recruiters use Twitter

Social media is the perfect platform for recruitment agencies and recruitment consultants. It’s another way of finding, meeting and sourcing job opportunities, companies to work with and candidates.

It also allows recruiters to push jobs out to a new audience, and provide them with tips on finding jobs, how to act in interviews and how to negotiate contracts. Social media allows recruiters to add value to audiences in a way they never could have done 10 years ago.

The main problem with recruiters on social media, is engaging candidates and companies long after they’ve found a job or filled the position. So what techniques and styles are recruiters using to engage followers?

We’ve looked at the top 5 recruiters in the UK, and how they use Twitter.

1. Reed












From looking down Reed’s timeline, they mainly use Twitter for providing help hints and tips to their followers. They help people who are looking for a job, and point them in the right direction.

Reed are using their own hashtag which relates back to their advertising campaigns: #lovemondays. Reed could use this within their tweets to ensure all content is easily found, and their brand is promoted at the same time.

reed tweets












2. Michael Page













Michael Pages’ twitter feed is a constant stream of industry news, tips for dealing with interviews, and the occasional sales tweet. This is a good mix of informative content, whilst also pushing their brand.

Michael Page also uses hashtags correctly to ensure their content is found, however, from a glance at their timeline, they don’t seem to be engaging with candidates through twitter and there are very few conversations taking place. By meeting new people or sparking debates, Michael Page may find new companies and candidates to work with, whilst still promoting a great brand experience.

michaelpageuk tweets



















3. Blue Arrow













Again, as with the other recruiters, Blue Arrow are using Twitter to promote their content and add value on top of their traditional services. However, Blue Arrow could engage in more conversation with other users, they could spark a debate, or post news from the employment industry.

They could also use twitter features, such as a hashtag to take their promotions to the next level.

blue arrow tweet






















4. Hays













Hays have multiple twitter accounts for their various locations and information streams. The feed I’m focusing on is the News feed. Part of me wishes all feeds were combined together, to give a larger brand experience, where all types of content could be published. But the other part of me understands why Hays are working in this way. This ensures your followers do not get bored of irrelevant content and unfollow. And it ensures the users that are following, are interested in a specific topic or location, and are more likely to be engaged and remain engaged.

hays news tweets


















5. Office Angels












I’m a big fan of how Office Angels use Twitter. They have a #joboftheday theme – which encourages users to return and check the latest updates. They promote themselves and informative content. And they are helpful in their replies to other users – instead of simply tweeting ‘@someone’ and then the message, they tweet ‘Hi @someone’ so that other followers can see the original message and their reply.

This enables Office Angels to deal with multiple problems at once, for example, if many people have the same issue with the website, they could reply to a follower and announce the solution to the rest of their followers at the same time.

office angels tweets

















Pic source: Mashable

What else would you like to see recruiters doing on twitter? Let us know, or send us as tweet @Wired_Marketing.

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