How To Improve Staff Productivity

Learn how to increase staff productivity and make the most of your day:

1. Prioritise.

Make choices in your life that are based on the lifestyle that you want. Choose activities that are fun and productive, to get the most out of your day.

2. Be efficient.

No one is perfect at everything. Of course, doing things you enjoy will require less time. But don’t take on a new hobby, activity or role that requires too much of a learning curve, if you don’t have the time or capacity to give it your all.

3. Integrate your activities.

Many people go crazy trying to fit family, friends, hobbies, work and of course, play, into their lives. You will feel stretched, stressed and won’t be working to your full potential if you are being pulled from different directions. Try to enjoy these things in a combined way.

4. Get rid of those time wasters.

Everyone and everything can suck precious time from you, IF you let them. Budget your time for specific activities. Limit actions which don’t support you, and try to remove yourself from social media after a certain length of time. We all know that YouTube and Facebook are a big black hole for productivity.

5. Learn.

Look for new ways to complete old and boring tasks. Even if it’s only saves one hour per day, it will help you have more time for your priorities.

6. Lighten up.

The world will NOT end if you cannot do everything you want to in a set time period. Continue to be positive, and reward yourself for the things you have completed, not the things you haven’t. A ‘to-do list’ will help you visualise the things you need to do, and you’ll feel fab once you’ve crossed off items.

How can you improve staff productivity? Let us know below.

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