How to use Twitter for recruitment

According to a study conducted by Jobvite earlier this year, 80% of employers are using or are planning to use social media to find and attract candidates in 2013. The study also found that 66% of employers who currently use social sites for recruitment have successfully hired a candidate who was initially identified through a social media site.

Finding candidates through social media relates back to an old marketing saying: ‘Go where your audience are’. If the majority of people you’re looking to attract use social media sites, why not hop on board and utilise the free tools as well?

There are multiple benefits to using social media in this way, for example by broadcasting available jobs on your social media accounts; you can reach a bigger audience, than if you were posting on your own website.

In this post, we’ll look at how and why you can successfully use Twitter for recruitment:

1. It’s free

Businesses can often get weighed down by the cost of running a website or outsourcing applications to job boards, not to mention other business outgoings. It makes sense that recruiters use free tools that are readily available. Twitter is used by almost all types of people and for all kinds of purposes. People looking for professional connections and people looking for casual conversation are at home on Twitter.

2. It has a wide reach

If you’re posting interesting and informative content, you can quite easily build a following of a few hundred people in a short time. The number of followers an account can have is not limited, which makes your reach as a recruiter almost infinite.

3. It’s a place for open conversations

It’s often easier to get in touch with candidates and companies through Twitter, than through traditional forms of communication. Twitter allows candidates to ask questions and receive an immediate response. And recruiters can use Twitter to cherry pick the best candidates.

4. It’s easy to build relationships

Keeping your ear to the ground has never been easier. There are over 200 million registered Twitter users so someone somewhere will be tweeting about a perfect job, or looking for their perfect placement. Twitter is an ideal platform for building relationships and staying in touch with candidates and clients alike.

5. It’s a place to learn

Twitter is used by a lot of people for learning, and sharing their experiences. Use this opportunity to gather information and share useful tips with other people. Think of yourself as a funnel for information. Absorb information, and forward the important bits to your followers.

If you aren’t currently using twitter as part of your social media strategy, take time to build an idea of what content you will share, what kind of followers you want to attract, and what conversion you wish to achieve. Take a look at your competitors to gain an idea of what works and what doesn’t.

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