Increase customer engagement using Gifs

Many business are using Gifs, whether that be within email, social, web and other online marketing channels. Gifs are now being used to increase customer engagement, as they often create a real time or emotion based connection with the content being shared and the recipient or reader. You may have noticed huge libraries of gifs available on your Twitter or Facebook account to add an extra layer of communication your message or tweet.

 What is Gif? (Graphics Interchange Format)

‘A GIF is a digital image format similar to JPEGs and PNG files, but Gifs support both animated and static images.’

Gifs are particularly helpful in grabbing attention of your audience in a large body of content whether than be on the web or social, Gifs allow the readers eyes to break and re-focus. They bring just the right amount of fun to your content, while holding the readers attention, keeping them engaged from the first sentence to the final word. 

 Why you should love gifs?

GIFs are easy to use, fun and beneficial in holding your audiences interest as they read your email,  newsletter, social, text or other piece of content. They provide a gateway to creating a stronger subject field to relate and engage with your contacts. Not only this but Gifs add humour to your content and very memorable, emotional and often even nostalgic. It is must easier to captivate a reader when the experience leaves them feeling positive and humoured.

Top reasons you should add Gifs to your marketing strategy;

  • Attention. Long bodies of text that don’t include images or graphics can often lead a reader to get lost and lose interest. Therefore, adding a moving image allows you to engage your audience and capture their attention.
  • Humour. Gifs are a great way to emphasise the content or emotion you are trying to portray through your content. They also allow your reader to feel relaxed and at ease with your company, the content and your methods of communication.
  • Tone. Content alone can’t often express the brand tone which you are trying to display therefore images, graphics and creative visuals are often needed. Gifs go one step beyond this and allow you to express more emotions through short clips.
  • Emphasis. Gifs allow the core aspects of your content to go never go unnoticed. They draw attention to specific areas or you page, drawing the viewers eyes in to areas which you want them to focus on.

But don’t forget there is a limit! Don’t over use Gifs by posting too many or using them in an inappropriate manner. There is a time and a place some find that is on a social platform, others on an email invitation but it is important to find how and where Gifs can work with your brand. 

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