Internet Explorer 10 is the ‘most energy efficient browser’

A new study has found that web browser Internet Explorer 10 is the most energy efficient, compared to Chrome and Firefox. Microsoft, who commissioned the study, is focusing on making IE fast, and by ensuring IE taps into PC hardware such as graphics cards to speed up the rendering process.

The study measured speeds when the browsers were used on laptops.

Microsoft said if everyone switched from using Chrome and Firefox to Internet Explorer, they could save enough energy to power 10,000 US homes. IE uses approximately 18% less energy than other browsers.

Overall, Microsoft says switching to IE would save 120 million kWh in electricity and remove as much carbon dioxide as growing 2.2 million tree seedlings for 10 years.

This isn’t the first time that Microsoft has spouted about the performance of its own browsers. In 2011 they conducted a similar study which found that IE9 was better than Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Although this may not prompt users to completely switch browsers, it does give the technology company a bit more ammunition in its marketing campaigns.














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Graph source: TechCrunch

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