Is Social Media That Important?

We love email marketing. We see how people interact with campaigns every day. It is still dominating how companies promote their brand and interact with existing customers all over the world.

The rise of social media was thought to have signaled the end of email marketing, as quicker and cheaper methods of interaction became available. Not so. Social media is used in conjunction with email marketing and offers a different kind of support to customers.

Last April 77,000 consumer orders were monitored by research agency Forrester. They wanted to measure the influence of digital tactics on purchase behavior, and of course, the measure of social media.

Their report shows that social isn’t the be-all and end-all of digital marketing and email marketing reigns supreme.


Here are some of their findings:

-The big story is that social media alone is not a significant driver of online purchases – barely 1% of 77,000 transactions could be traced back to social media.

-33% of new customers visit multiple touch points before purchasing – and email has usually influenced them.

-The biggest drivers for online purchases overall are search and email marketing.

-30% of transactions started with a click on an email marketing campaign.

-39% of transactions from new customers came from search – paid or organic.

-30% of transactions were influenced by direct web address input.


As part of their findings Forrester also gave recommendations for retailers:

-Continue focusing on paid search and email programs.

-Actively promote URLs across channels, wherever possible to maximize recall.

-Consider the full path to a completed transaction. Don’t underestimate the first touch points.


Does this study match your findings? Is social media just a backup for your email marketing plans? Let us know below or tweet us @Wired_Marketing.

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