Is your email marketing campaign failing?

The unfortunate truth is that not every single email marketing campaign you send will have fantastic open rates, wonderful click through rates, and brilliant conversion rates.

The great thing about email marketing is that almost anything can be tested and improved. Let’s have a look at 7 common reasons for a failing email campaign. If you recognise any of these problems, see how you can solve them by clicking the links.

1. You don’t offer any clear value to your subscribers

Simply offering a sign up form on your website, does not tell the contact exactly what value they will receive by signing up to your newsletter. You need to persuade your contacts to sign up by telling them exactly what they will get, and why it is different.

2. Your email campaigns are not aligned with your company goals

You need to have a clear set of aims and objectives in mind before sending an email campaign, and this needs to align with your overall company goals. Is your website is trying to drive sales? Your email should support those efforts.

3. You aren’t paying attention to the correct metrics

Following on from point 2, you should be looking at the correct metrics to measure your success against the aims and objections you have in place. Are you looking to find attendees for a webinar? The priority should be landing page conversions, and not your social share figures.

4. You aren’t focusing on the small details

When it comes to email, the small things add up. Coding, email design, frequency of sends, time of day, day of the week and your subject lines all count for how much impact the email will have.

5. You have fingers in too many pies

You aren’t Superman (or woman) and you cannot control your email marketing, social media marketing, your blog, your content marketing, your PPC ads, or any other forms of marketing at once. You will be spread so thinly across these outputs that you won’t be doing anything well – just a lot of things poorly.

6. Your content is boring

This is one of the biggest things that turn contacts off. Your content needs to be interesting whilst providing value, and showcasing your brand. If not, your contacts will get their information from a competitor. Investing in great content is a key part of inbound marketing and your contacts will love you for it.

7. You aren’t using the tools you have

A lot of email marketers are restricted by the type of tools they are using. Most email budgets are dominated by software and the number of emails sent. If you want to increase the success of your campaigns, begin using automation, segmentation and location data to show off your skills, and you will reap the rewards.


Do you find your campaigns are failing in any other areas? Please get in touch in the comments below, or tweet us @Wired_Marketing.

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