Top Ten Tips for Lead Generation & Customer Retention

It’s one thing creating new leads and gathering new contacts but once we get them how do we retain them? We have composed two lists which provide you with our lead generation and customer retention tips and tricks.


So lead generation, how do we capture the attention of our target audience and then hold it? We must start with our brand we need the audience to know who we are, allowing us to be seen as trustworthy and valuable. Following this we need to utilise the correct platforms that enable us to reach the intended audience. Doing this allows us to convey our objectives and brand personality. Finally, we need to know what our audience wants to see, hear and read about, once we know this we can provide relevant and valuable content which is aesthetically and contextually engaging.


Explore our Top Ten Tips for Lead Generation below:

1)      Search Engine Optimisation 

2)      Pay Per Click Advertising

3)      Online Networking

4)      Whitepaper/ Webinars

5)      Webinars

6)      Newsletters

7)      Competitions

8)      Blogs

9)      Offers / Discounts

10)    Online Resources / Tools / Guides / Checklists


Once we have mastered generating leads and converting them in to customers, we now need to focus on holding their focus and retaining the contacts we’ve worked so hard to capture. First we should look to invest in tools which allows us to create smarter strategies such as segmentation, automation and behavioural triggers. Using these tools will enable us to deliver current and relevant content to our contacts, at times when they are active and engaged with the brand. Secondly, knowing your contacts is vital – you should aim to collect as much data as possible in creative ways such as reviews, surveys, competitions, quizzes and offers. Doing this allows you to learn what your contacts are interested in and therefore you can then provide exactly what they want and even go the extra mile on birthdays and anniversaries. Finally, make them aware that they are valued solely as an individual and not just as an audience, use personalisation and exclusivity to make a contact feel special and appreciated.


Discover our Top Ten Tips for Lead Generation below;

1)      Have a constant message

2)      Show your appreciation

3)      Personalise content

4)      Segment for relevancy

5)      Remember birthdays and anniversaries

6)      Give them what they want

7)      Stay in contact

8)      Never stop learning

9)      Be attentive

10)     Provide exclusivity


Learn how you can create a seamless marketing strategy that allows you to capture new contact and develop a relationship that produces loyal retained customers through lifecycle marketing.


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