Make online videos without spending a penny

People love videos. A lot of people love videos: over 4 billion YouTube videos are watched PER DAY. But don’t let these numbers put you off; there are still plenty of opportunities for brands to create new and innovative videos.

Here are 6 kinds of video you can make without blowing your budget:

1. Announce a fundraiser

All you’d need is a camera, and someone to stand it front of it. Consider interviewing someone from the charity you’re working with, to give the video real life impact.

2. Show off your business

Use a camera to take viewers around your business and offices. This gives customers a real insight into the running of your company. With the growth of apps like Vine, businesses will be able to create these videos easily and quickly.

3. Show people what you can do

Use video to show off your talents. It’s easy to skim or avoid blog posts or articles entirely. A time lapse video is really effective and allows you to squeeze a lot of information into a few minutes.

4. Give some advice

Take the opportunity to help your customers. Give weekly tips via your YouTube channel to engage customers whilst giving them some relevant content.

We use video for PhotoShop tutorials:

5. Promote a webinar

Use email channels to promote your webinar. Send a video link once your recipients have engaged with the content. If you’re hosting a live seminar, consider filming it and posting it online for a bigger audience.

6. Conduct an interview

Interview your Managing Director to give some insight into the company. Alternatively you could interview big players in your industry on a hot topic. All you need is a camera, a chair and some questions.

Don’t forget to share

Once you’ve made your video, its important to distribute them correctly. Consider sending videos within your email marketing campaign, and share them on the usual social sites.

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