Make the most of your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a great way for businesses to keep in touch with customers, drive traffic to their website or to generate sales. But it’s not as easy as designing an email and then firing it out to anyone and everyone. You need to know how to maximise your email marketing campaigns, so here are our top tips:

1. Split test your opt-in forms.

Before you send any emails, find out how customers like signing up to your mailing list. One of the most important things an email marketer can do is to segment. Segment as much as you can, because you can never do too much testing.

The first thing you should segment is your opt-in form. Test different variables on your website to determine which combinations will give you the most email subscriptions. It could be something as simple as moving your form to the left for visitors from the north of England, or move the form to the right for visitors from the south of England. There are thousands of variables. Some more examples are:

-   Change the colour of your form and Sign Up Now button

-   Move your opt-in form

-   Alter the placements or size of your images

2. Split test your broadcast messages

As always, test everything. Test the time that your message is sent, test the subject line, and test the call to actions. You may feel as though this is a lot of work to do for one email, but even a small difference in your open and click through rates, could make the difference between a sale and no sale.

3. Survey your customers

One of the advantages of having an email address database (besides all the advantages associated with email marketing!) is the ability to survey your recipients. Set up a survey and ask customers for their feedback, what kinds of email would they like to receive? With what content? And how often? You could send a survey based on your product, and what kinds of services they would prefer.

4. Be helpful

Use your email marketing campaigns as an opportunity to help your recipients. Some marketers will use email marketing purely for their sales pitch, but if you warm your customers through lead generation and helpful content, you will see an increase in sales and you will deepen customer relationships.

5. Segment your lists

Yes, it’s that ‘S’ word again. Studies have shown that ‘batch and blast’ emails do not work again. Segment your lists to see which groups of people are responding well to your content. The better and more focused your segmentation is, the better the results.

6. Regularly clean your lists

If you are looking at a detailed report following the sending of your email campaigns, you will see results such as open rates, click through rates, and hard and soft bounces. Some systems will automatically clean your lists, for example if an email hard bounces more than once the address will be supressed, or if an email soft bounces more than 4 times, the address will be supressed. But not all systems will do this automatically for you. Take time to check. If not, your sender reputation may drop, as recipients move your email into the dreaded spam box.

If you send really great email marketing campaigns, you should see a massive ROI. The average ROI for email marketing is £24 back for every £1 spent. Follow these tips and you should see great conversions.

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