Make your office exciting with these fun workplace ideas

It’s important to insert a little bit of fun into your daily work activities. It may feel unnatural to take a break to play pool or use a slide instead of stairs – a la Google’s office, but you need to take time to recharge your brain, and get those creative juices flowing again.

Here are three ways to excite your employees with fun workplace ideas:

1. Recognise small wins and big ones

Most people will focus on the big goals, such as reaching a certain target, signing up a major client, but even small wins should be acknowledged and praised. A large win for your apprentice, will not be as important to the company director, but should be treated as such.

If your managers and senior staff acknowledge small wins, it will inspire other colleagues to perform too and will create a performance culture.

Build a structure to honour achievements and make it obvious that all members of staff can accomplish something great – and not just the company’s big wigs.

2. Create open spaces

There are hundreds of cloud based work areas, such a Teambox or Dropbox, but it’s important to interact face to face. People need to hang out in spaces other than the office to come up with new and innovative ideas.

Think about creating a café or a game room with comfy seating. Take into account how individuals will work. Install Wi-Fi so that people can use laptops and have brainstorming sessions over lunch. If people can’t move about freely, they will stay at their desk.

3. Surprise your employees

A genuine token of affection will motivate employees and show them that you care. Consider giving gifts at Christmas or even a cupcake on birthdays.

Over time, appreciation can diminish so think about how you can surprise your employees. Give a few free vacation days, take an afternoon to go out for lunch with your employees or even give them a free coffee when they arrive in the morning. If you continually give gifts they will gather momentum and will continue to motivate.


Treat your employees as your biggest client, and urge them to think of the bigger picture, instead of just their pay check. Happy staff leads to a more successful business.

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