Meet John!

We asked our management team some all important and very serious questions. Here’s what John Parry had to say…

Your job role in your own words:

Email/landing page developer. Coding email templates for clients and Wired. Dabble in a bit of design too.

Fave bits of the job:

Working with a wide variety of brands and learning new html techniques in email to enhance the recipients experience.

Your career background so far:

Graduated from Uni with a degree in multimedia development. Spent a year teaching in China. Came back to UK and started working at Wired.

Who’s job would you least like to have and why:

Amy’s. Having to deal with the demands of Diva designers and coders all day is tough.

An interesting fact about you:

I can set up a game of badminton in Mandarin and keep score. (Probably win too ^_^)

Most famous person you have met:

Met Richard Branson on a plane back from America at Christmas time. He is shorter than I thought he was going to be.

Name 3 people you would invite to a dinner party (dead or alive):

Will Smith, Karl Pilkington and Muhammad Ali

How do you like your tea:

How I take my tea – no milk, no sugar, no teabag and cold. More of a coffee man myself.

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