Mini Cooper apologises for spamming subscribers

Mini Cooper have avoided a potential PR nightmare, by sending a cheeky gift to their upset subscribers.

Back at the start of the year, Mini Cooper sent out hundreds of emails to those on their contact list by accident. Rather than respond to the problem with another email message, they went one step further.

Mini sent out small packages to each of their contacts, which includes a letter, a roll of duct tape, a chocolate rose, and a tin of spam.

Alongside the slightly unusual gift was a note explaining what each of the gifts meant. The chocolate rose was to sweeten the situation, the duct tape was to help patch things up, and the tin of spam was to be ‘squeezed’ if the user was too stressed.

Personally, I would forgive Mini Cooper if this happened to me. So I got a hundred emails from you – so what? You have a sense of humour, and you made light of the situation. Better than a ‘We’re sorry’ email anyday.

Image source: Imgur

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