New Feature: A Gmail Inbox Discovery

I have recently been signing up to a variety of email marketing newsletters to gain a better understanding of the email marketing world. I have seen a variety of techniques being used, from pop up sign up forms to hidden sign up forms on websites.

The majority of companies do follow email marketing best practices, I’m happy to report, but a new Gmail Inbox discovery caught my eye.

A double opt in is considered email marketing best practice, and whether your company chooses to implement it or not is another blog post, but what I saw really impressed me.

When signing up to a newsletter that includes a double opt in, you are prompted to click a link in a first email, and once confirmed, you’ll receive a second email confirming that your subscription is live.

In my Gmail inbox, I saw this new handy button, at the very end of the tagline, next to the date of the email:

subscription request 1

This button means you will not need to open the email, click the link, and wait for the webpage to pop up to tell you your confirmation has been received.

Once clicked, the button is displayed as this:

subscription request 2

Gmail then displays a small message at the top of the page that states ‘You request to [company] has been sent.’

And that’s it, all confirmed. I think this is a really nice feature in Gmail – it saves time, which will be useful for people, like me, who like to sign up to tonnes of different emails and for those who sometimes miss the second email, and don’t confirm their subscription request.

Has anyone else used this? Or encountered any problems with the feature? Let me know your thoughts below, or tweet us @Wired_Marketing.


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