Professor Ant’s life (so far)

ant familyAnthony was born on the 15th of July 1978, to Antonio and Anthea Anter, on a wonderfully sunny day in Antigua. He was wanted and loved very much by his whole colony including sister Antalia, and brother Antem. He had a wonderful childhood playing around the idyllic twin islands of Antigua and Barbuda, but craved more from life besides the sun and fun that his home islands had offered him.

He wanted to learn. His friends thought he was a silly little Ant. ‘Learning?! Just play out with us instead!’ they said. But no, Ant was adamant, he was moving to the hustle and bustle of London town. He wanted to see the actual Queen, not just his colonies Queen Ant. He wanted to visit Buckingham Palace and do it all! He wanted to become a guru of something – he just wasn’t sure what yet.

So off he went. Aged 20 and just figuring out his life, little Anthony was now all alone in the big bad world.

ant franceSo he travelled, first New York – he took a crunch out of that Big Apple. Next Milan for a spot of shopping, but he had trouble finding trousers with 6 leg holes. He then went to Paris where he clambered up the Eiffel Tower, much to the surprise of the other tourists.

And finally, after a few years, he found himself in London town. And this is where he began his journey to become an Email Marketing guru.

After his jaunts around the world, Ant was a bit strapped for cash, so began working his way up through the ranks of the email marketing world, until people said ‘Ant, you are a wizard at this! You need your own company – you are a professor in all things marketing’. And he was.

His life experiences, including working in a big social team, and supporting other ants, had helped him create a successful and profitable email marketing company. Professor Ant wanted to give something back; he wanted to help others with his knowledge of this competitive and creative world.

wired antEnter Wired. We met the Professor a few years ago, and have been best buds ever since. So much so that he now is our friendly little mascot. Professor represents everything that Wired is about.
Ants work together, using their collective knowledge to solve a problem, they are social creatures, and they support each other. And it is because of these reasons that Ant decided to partner with us here at Wired, as we are all these things to our customers.

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