Recharge your batteries in 3 easy steps

Most business owners find it hard to take a step back and take some time off. But even with an unquenchable drive to be the best, entrepreneurs know that even they need to take breaks and recharge their batteries to continue being successful.

Studies have shown that people are more productive when they have taken a lunch break and returned to their desk refreshed, rather than if they ate their lunch at their desk. The same applies to even the best business leaders. It’s important to leave the office from time to time. And when you return, you’ll be more focused and ready to face the tasks at hand.

So how can you get away from it all and recharge your batteries?

1. There is no magic formula

Some people would prefer to leave the office and have no communication with any staff, emails or phone calls. But not all personalities will work in this way. It can be too stressful being completely cut off.  For some people, it’s important to be in contact with the office, even if it’s only a check in once a day. Only you will know what the perfect solution is.

2. Do it

This can be the difficult part. Sit down, schedule some time off, and book it. If you have to book a flight, a train or a hotel, having that solid confirmation will force you to actually stay away from the office. If you’re taking a week off to stay at home, it can be too easy to pop into the office.

3. Plan in advance

Take time to plan a break in advance. When you’re at work and working hard, you’ll have something to look forward too. You could even book another trip, during your break. That way it won’t cut into your work schedule, and you’ll be looking ahead to the next time you’re off.

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