Samsung reveal impressive Galaxy S4

Samsung has delivered its latest digital offering – the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The launch took place at New York’s Radio City Music Hall and featured a live orchestra and even a tap dancer. It was streamed on Samsung’s YouTube channel.

The new S4 smartphone is slightly thinner than its predecessor the S3, and is encased in polycarbonate. The phone has, of course, new technology not seen on other smartphones.

The mobile phone can sense when a user is or isn’t watching a video. If the user glances away from the screen the video will be paused, and will restart when the eyes come back to the screen.

The newest feature involves an interesting way of navigating. If the phone senses a user looking at the screen, they can tilt the phone to scroll up or down a web page or email.

A big change from the Galaxy S3 is voice recognition. The S4 can recognise and translate 9 languages. Users will also be able to dictate, reply, forward and save messages using verbal commands.

Another innovative feature combats the need for touching the screen. The screen now senses fingers hovering just above the screen and applications will react. Other applications can be controlled by just waving or making gestures in front of the screen.

The camera application now uses both the front and rear camera simultaneously – the user can insert a picture of the photographer as though they are capturing the screen in front of them. You can now also take multiple pictures and use the handy erase tool to get rid of errors.

The Galaxy S4 is the latest in a long line of Samsung smartphones released in direct competition with the iPhone.

Pic source: Mobile88


What are you views on the Samsung Galaxy S4? Will you be purchasing one when they’re released? Let us know.


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