Samsung to launch retail boutiques across America

Electronics giant Samsung is due to open retail boutiques in Best Buy stores across America. The ‘Samsung Experience Shops’ will be launched in June, to coincide with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The boutiques will be located in 1,400 Best Buy stores. Samsung previously had no retail space of its own in the US and the launch of their presence in Best Buy stores is designed to take focus away from Apple.

Apple currently has retail spaces with Best Buy stores as well as Microsoft stores. Samsung’s new stores will join the first prototype location which was in Lewisville, Texas. Samsung has already opened stores in other countries, pictured above in the store in Sydney.

Samsung is hoping to increase brand awareness among US customers, and will encourage staff to explain to customers how their products can work together.

Each of Samsung’s boutiques will be 460 square feet and will feature smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras and accessories. The Wall Street Journal reports that Samsung’s spaces will be larger than Apple’s and will allow customers to purchase Samsung items without having to go through the main checkout line.

Best Buy sales have fallen for the third year in a row and this partnership may allow them to gain an edge over competitors like Amazon, Wal-mart and Target by offering an experience where customers can try before they buy.

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