Samsung unveils biggest smartphone ever

Electronics giant Samsung has launched the biggest smartphone to date. The Samsung Galaxy Mega (pictured above) features a 6.3 inch screen.

Samsung have popularised the growth of the ‘phablet’, a tablet like phone, with its Samsung Note which was launched in 2011.

They are marketing the phone as having a high definition screen, but it is unknown if this is 720p or the full 1080p resolution.

Samsung have said, although the phone is large, the Galaxy Mega could still be held in one hand, and would easily fit into a users’ pocket. The phone weighs 199g or 0.44lb.

Just like the Samsung Galaxy S3, and the Mini version that followed, there will be a smaller 5.8 inch version.

Both will go on sale in May, and Europe and Russia will be the first regions with access.

Tech consultancy Davis Murphy Group said that there has been a shift in buying habits, as more consumers look for one device, rather than buying a phone, and a tablet.  Tech analyst Chris Green said: “There is genuine demand for larger smartphones – the problem is at what point does a smartphone turn into a tablet.

“When you’ve got this up against your head you’d have to argue you’re using a tablet and not a smartphone – it’s definitely going to compromise its functionality because it’s simply too big and too cumbersome to use as a traditional telephone device.

“But ignoring the phone functionality, as far as the rest of the smart device goes it looks quite phenomenal.”

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