Sky customers unhappy after email switch over

Sky customers are being swamped by thousands of old and deleted emails, as the company switched email providers.

Sky has stopped using Google for its email services, and has started using rival firm Yahoo. The change has caused trouble, as customers have reported that deleted emails are being delivered again and again.

Discussion forums on Sky’s support site have been filled with messages from unhappy customers complaining about the switch over.

Users have complained that the switch has also wiped out email settings, deleted aliases and reset filters. Sky has swapped providers in the last week, and customers have asked the company why they haven’t dealt with the switch more effectively.

Sky said it was aware of the issues and had “an on-going investigation and are working to resolve it”.

In a statement on their website Sky said: “Google is no longer able to provide Sky with an email platform that caters for our requirements. As another leading provider of email services, we’ve chosen Yahoo! to power the new Sky Yahoo! Mail.”

Account holders are being advised to login via the web-based version of Sky’s email service to minimize the chance of the issues affecting them.

A recent update on Sky’s website, dated Sunday 7th April, said the move was taking 24 hours on average for each user, and they have continued to make progress with any accounts remaining.

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