Social media mistakes to avoid

When you hear the words ‘social media fail’, I’m sure there’ll be at least one example that pops into your head.  There have been enough social media mistakes made by now, so you would’ve thought that other users would’ve learned from them – but no.

Users constantly make mistakes on social media that makes them look clueless. Next time you see someone break a fundamental social media rule, send them a link back to this article, and maybe they’ll learn.

Avoid these social media faux pas:

1. Upload the correct picture

A picture says a thousand words – make sure they’re the correct thousand. There’s no need to have the same picture for every social media site, but make sure they convey the same message.

The wrong picture can scare off clients, potential colleagues or bosses and connections. The right picture will make you memorable, for all the right reasons.

You don’t need to have a professional head shot, but on the other hand, make sure it doesn’t feature you with a vodka shot in hand.

2. Your profile conveys the wrong message

The words ‘Looking for…’ make the reader think you are unhappy and job hunting. This isn’t the message you want to convey to colleagues, bosses or clients.

Make sure your profile shows you as a secure, productive and determined person.

3. Your humour isn’t translated

It can be hard to convey the correct tone on social media sites. You may be a funny person to your friends and family, but a follower on Twitter can’t see the body language that goes with your joke. Your joke may even appear offensive or odd when taken in the wrong context.

Save your humour for a time when you know it will be appreciated. Communicate in a way you know you’ll be understood, and make humour obvious with an emoticon or two ;) (but not too many).

4. Your posts are boring

YAWN. He’s talking about himself again. Many people post or tweet for the sake of it. Before you hit enter, think about whether your message will be perceived as interesting or just waffle.

Users reward other users for being interesting and compelling, and not for constantly tweeting rubbish.

5. You are over promoting

Think of social media as a two way street. There’s no need to constantly sell yourself, and other users wont thank you if you do. If you’re finding that you can’t engage in other ways, besides from selling, than maybe social media isn’t the right tool for your business.

6. You don’t respond

It’s clear when you look through a company’s timeline, and no one has tweeted for months, that social media isn’t that important to them. It shows you are unresponsive or overly busy.

If you want a presence on social media, make sure it’s consistent. Commit to the channels you choose.

7. It make you look lazy

If you’re constantly posting across lots of social media channels, it can make you look as though you don’t have time for anything else. Unless your job is based around social media, allow it to be a supplement to your business and your life.

8. Your communication is inappropriate

Of course, tolerance on social media is higher than ever, but your tweets or posts can still be inappropriate. There is still an expected behaviour within business.

In real life you can tailor your communication to those around you, but online your message is public and permanent. Being edgy or using profanity makes a strong statement about who you are.

Use creativity to convey your message in an original and tasteful way.

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