Spotlight on Security: How we verify your account

Here at Wired Marketing, we take security very seriously, as do our clients. We understand that we are dealing with a lot of personal information on a daily basis, and we take additional steps to ensure that only you – and your authorised staff- have access to the account.

As part of our security measures we employ a security feature that requires you to click a link in an email if you try to access a Wired Marketing account from a location or computer that is not already authorised by us.

We log your IP address, and this must be authenticated by the original user. When another person tries to log in, we also need authentication of their IP address.

If you try to log from a different location you will see this message:

This is a security message from Wired Marketing.

Dear Mr Bloggs,

In order to log in to your dotMailer account from this computer, please click on the verification link below to register your computer.

If you have any queries please contact your Account Manager, or the Wired Marketing support team on 0845 467 5234.

Kind regards
The Wired Marketing team’


Two factor authentication:

To further secure your account, in Wired Marketing’s system you can also enable two factor authentication. This means that two items of information are required before the log in is successful.

When you enable two factor authentication in your account, a user will be sent an authentication code by SMS which they must enter before they can log in. An SMS is sent when someone tries to:

-    Log in to the account from a different IP address (one that has not been registered before)

-    Export contact data

If you’d like to set up two factor authentication in your account, simply follow these steps: My Account > Security > Check the box next to Two-factor authentication and enter your mobile number when prompted. On entering or changing, a mobile number will be required again.

If you have managed users under the main admin user on your account, they will each need to enter a mobile number to enable the two-factor authentication.


Common questions:

   -    Can someone else use my log in details?

Across all of our available packages you can have more than one login. You can add managed users (the total number of managed users will depend on your account set up), and you can also set permissions for each person.

   -    Why do I need to verify my IP when I log in?

As our system contains a lot of personal and confidential data, your security is high on our agenda. We want to make sure you are who you say you are when you log in.

   -    I haven’t received my verification email

Double check your ‘junk’ folder.

  -    How are my log-in details kept safe and secure?

We make sure browsers do not automatically remember your passwords to ensure only you are able to log in. If your browser prompts you to save your password – please consider this before accepting.

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