Stop using no-reply addresses in your email marketing campaign

You’ve probably seen ‘no reply’ email addresses when receiving email marketing campaigns into your inbox: It’s quite a common practice amongst marketers to use a no reply address as their ‘from address’.

no reply

Many marketers use an address like this to avoid the deluge of emails that are sure to flood their inboxes once a campaign has been sent.

But when it comes to email marketing, using a no reply address is a sure fire way to tell your customers that you don’t care, and you don’t want to hear back from them. These types of address can also harm your deliverability and sender reputation – and no one wants that.

Here are five reasons to banish your no-reply from address from your email marketing campaign:

1. More ISP complaints

Some people tend to reply to emails to say ‘Please stop emailing me!’ instead of using the handy unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. If they reply to your no-reply address, what do you think will happen? The email will bounce, it won’t reach the desired people, and it’ll annoy the hell of your contact. Then, instead of going back through the email to hunt for the unsubscribe link, they’ll just junk you – and this tells the ISP that you’re sending spam – hence a lower deliverability rate in the future.

2. You’ll miss useful Out of Office replies

Of course, you want your inbox to be a nice tidy place right? But sometime those emails that clutter it up can be some of the most valuable. The number of OOO replies your receive may help you understand why your open or click through rate is lower than normal. The replies can also give you additional data from the contact, such as a telephone number, or another person to get in touch with if they’ve left the business.

3. Your contacts won’t add you to their address book

One of the best ways to ensure your email is delivered is by asking contacts to add you to their address book. This tells the email client that you know them, and are willing to accept their mailings. With some email clients this also means your images will be automatically downloaded as well. Your contacts certainly won’t add a no reply address to their address book.

4. It’s against the law

In some European countries it’s against the law to use a no reply address (please check if this refers to your country). Instead you need to have a valid email address that contacts can use to reply to you if they need to. This refers to you regardless of where your emails are sent from – the law applies based on where they end up.

5. It makes you look big headed and uncaring

The main reason to avoid using a no reply email address is because they make you look arrogant and uncaring to your contacts. If you are using a no reply address, chances are your email’s tagline will be something along the lines of ‘Please do not reply to this email. It will be re-routed to an unmonitored inbox’ – er hello! Why would you say that to your contacts? You want them to engage with you, and a no reply address looks like you want them to shut up, and keep their opinions to themselves.

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