Tech Tuesday: Apple reveals iOS 7

Apple fans have been waiting for this moment since iOS6 was released. A new update: iOS 7.

The new software has a ‘flat’ design, and Apple designers have taken a definite step away from the textures and designs seen as part of iOS. Leather, wood and felt looks played a part in the current software, but Apple is moving towards a more modern, slicker look.

The new software design has been headed by Brit, Sir Jonathon Ive, who was brought into the company after the launch of the previous software system.

The software is expected to be available for iPhone users in the Autumn and is the first major change since Ive was put in charge in October 2012.

The software was launched at an event in San Francisico’s Moscone Centre, and was announced to more than 6000 Apple developers.

Apple also announced an update for Mac users, which will be called Mavericks. They said over 28 million copies of its Mac OS software were currently in use, and pointed out how this compared to Microsoft’s low take up its Windows 8 software.

What new to iOS7?

-     Night Mode in Maps responds to ambient light when you use it in the dark.

-     FaceTime audio update for high quality calls.

-     Notification sync, which removes notifications when viewed on one device.

-     Phone, FaceTime and Message blocking available to prevent aspecific people from contactcing you.

-     Enhanced in-car integration.

-     New, monochrome design.

-     Notification centre available from all apps and screens.

-     Multitask options added to every app.

-     AirDrop introduced – currently used as part of Mac software, allows users to send files wirelessly without a WIFi connection.

-     Redesign of current Apps.

Apple CEO Time Cook said: ‘It’s the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone. We are incredibly proud of these products. Our goal is to make amazing products that our customers love.’

Sir Jonathan said: ‘We tried to create an interface where the design recedes, and elevates your content,

‘We wanted to take an experience people know, and add to it. iOS 7 defines an important new direction and a beginning.’


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