Tech Tuesday: Microsoft’s Xbox One to launch in November

Microsoft’s latest games console will go on sale in November. Microsoft bosses spoke at the E3 video game conference in Los Angeles and will cost around £429 or $499.

The technology company also announced that the Xbox 360 will be updated to look more like an Xbox One.

Microsoft’s vice president of marketing and strategy Yusuf Mehdi said the updated 360 would be available in the US from Monday, and will be ‘smaller, sleeker and as quiet as ever’.

He also said hundreds of games were coming to the Xbox 360. The 360 was released eight years ago, and has outsold rivals Nintendo and Sony for the past two years.

Microsoft also announced the latest Halo game, which is due to be released next year.

At the conference, Microsoft also announced Project Spark which is a smart glass enabled game that allows user to create gaming worlds. The game will be exclusive to Xbox One and Windows 8, and gives a blank canvas for users to create their own gaming experience.

It was also revealed that Xbox Live will no longer be limited to 100 friends, Microsoft points will be scrapped in favour of real money.

Microsoft said in a blog post last week, that they will not be charging a fee to retailers, publishers or gamers for transferring their old games. This means users can play used games on the device, which squashes a rumour that started when the Xbox One was announced.

The Xbox One comes with a Kinect as standard. Microsoft claims it can collect over 2GB of data per second, including heartbeat, weight transfers and slight joint movements – meaning the device can measure your movements and react to gestures.

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