Tech Tuesday: Samsung leaks Galaxy S4 Mini on its own website

Samsung have accidentally leaked images of the Galaxy S4 Mini on its website. The technology firm hasn’t mentioned or acknowledged the rumours surrounding the release of the S4 Mini.

However, the handset has shown up in images on Samsung’s official apps site (pictured above). Samsung’s app site allows you to sort apps by device, which allows you to see which apps may be compatible with your device. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is listed as one of those devices.

The Galaxy S4 Mini is expected to be slightly smaller than the S4, taking the screen down to 4.3 inches from 5 inches.

Samsung released a Mini version of the S3 shortly after its release last year, and they are expected to do the same again.

Some web users have named the leak ‘attention seeking’ and ‘not an accident’. The firm has refused to comment on the leak, and instead announced an event in London on June 20th 2013, called the ‘Samsung Premiere 2013’.

No details have been given about the event; only images have been released (see below) with two words ‘Galaxy and ATIV’.

This suggests that the company plans to launch a new Galaxy as well as Windows devices which fall under Samsung’s ATIV brand.


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