Ten Tips for Capturing Customer Data

This blog will explore ten tips to that will allow you to ensure you are effectively capturing customer data in a professional and strategic manner. We will discuss how to create ways which are fun, easy and accessible for the customer whilst being time and cost effective for the business.


Tip Number One: Name & Email as a rule

When collecting data, you should aim to gather as much information as possible. At the first step, collecting the first name and email of a customer enables you to keep the individual up to date with your brand whilst also creating the foundations to learn more to adapt a personalised experience.


Tip Number Two: Connect your social

Most of us have invested money in to our websites and the purpose is to collect data to broaden our audience range and of course sell products. Social media allows you to interact with your customers creating a real time conversational brand voice and creates organic interaction which often generate leads when the correct approach is being used. Connecting your social platforms to your website is crucial to capture customer data and align your marketing channels.


Tip Number Three:  A conversational approach

Once you have gathered basic data such as a customer’s name or email address, it is then important to get to know the individual in more specialised and personal manner. Conducting your email marketing with a conversational approach allows the recipient to feel relaxed and therefore more willing to provide value information that may help to customise their experience with your company.


Tip Number Four: Ask questions through surveys and questionnaires

Questionnaires are a great way to collect data from customers, they allow you to target specific fields that then allow you to categorise your audience and split them in to groups. Gathering the preferences of each individual allows you to manage your marketing in a much more focused manner, furthermore it enables you to start using tools such as segmentation which will increase the success of your overall marketing strategy.


Tip Number Five: Get their opinions

Use survey and polls to gather information on the needs and wants of your audience. Whether it be a product they prefer or how you can improve your services, it is important to gauge the experiences and expectations to improve your business. A key thing to remember is that if your customers are happy, then business is happy! Allowing your recipients to feel their voice and opinions are being heard creates loyalty, trust and value, which will impact on future opportunities.


Tip Number Six: Creating a community

Whether it be a profile, subscription, newsletter, or loyalty scheme, encourage these movements enable you to capture valuable data. Making these forms visible on all social platforms is essential, as it optimises the chances of your audience entering information that can create strong and successful marketing strategies.


Tip Number Seven: Give to receive

Nobody enjoys spending their time doing something that doesn’t benefit them directly, so consider giving offers such as a discount code or a chance to win a product. This then encourages the individual to provide information and an opportunity for data capture, whilst their main focus remains on what they are receiving from the brand. This results in a win, win situation.


Tip Number Eight: Be bold and creative

Use creative and dynamic content to push your data capture engagement. Facts have proven that articles and documents which contain images and videos are more successful than those without. Involving creative mediums enables you to capture your audience’s attention and capture data in a fun and visually engaging manner. Resulting in your data collection being a fun task rather than a chore.


Tip Number Nine: Keep it short and sweet

You don’t want your subject to feel that they are under attack, collecting data should be subtle and informative if possible. Rather than trying get to know your customer inside out within one day, try to get to know them over a period of time. Using automation tools you can gather all the details you may need and want to find out in a friendly and approachable manner, allowing your strategy to reflect that of a real time organic conversation.


Tip Number Ten: Stay current

Start with a strategic plan, understand what questions you want to ask and how the answers you receive will benefit your future marketing strategies. It is important to keep your questions up to date if you choose to use questionnaires or polls. When using sign up forms online, you must keep your website current and information easily accessible, it is crucial that your site is mobile and tablet friendly to maximise data collection. If you change your products, target audience or system you should always make people aware and alter any data collection platforms as necessary.


Following these ten tips should enable you to gather sufficient data to implement tools, that allow you to provide personal experiences to customers, whilst also maximising the success of your overall marketing.

How else do you collect data? Let us know by tweeting us @wired_marketing or by leaving a comment below.

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