The 4p’s of Email Marketing

Using the 4P’s of Email Marketing when creating a defined strategy enables you to keep your audiences preferences at hand.

Learn more about the 4P’s and how to include them in your strategy. 

Persuasive – this relates to your audience’s experience and how you choose to send them.

Participatory - this encourages your recipients to engage with your brand and provide you with personal data.

Personalised – this allows the use of the contact’s preferences to be used to create a personal and relevant journey. This is achieved by providing content at the perfect time and providing information which is interesting to each person.

Prescriptive – this enables you to use what you know through monitoring the movement of your customers to provide a tailored experience which is relevant to each individual’s customer journey.

We will now discuss how we can use tools to create a strong approach that will enable us to define our own goals and achieve our objectives.


Looking at the 4P’s you may implement the following tools and techniques:

Persuasive – Mobile optimisation, Interactive content, split tests resulting in Segmentation, text size, timing, colours which person prefers.


Participatory – Surveys, Questionnaires, Blogs, Social Media, Competitions, Real-time content, trends, personas.


Personalised – Use the contacts name and create content to be relevant to the time, location, age, interests, hobbies and device used. Use automation and segmentation to filter audience into subcategories to focus content and follow movements such as welcome packages, offers, abandoned shopping carts, browse abandonment, suggested products, product reminders and updates.


Prescriptive – Observing the movements of a customer, offer to allow them to share their preference. Suggest products, offer discounts, loyalty promotions, exclusivity, provide a customised experience which allows them to feel appreciated. Capture previous purchase data, check their open rates, times and locations to customise when emails are sent. If you notice they aren’t engaging give them the option to opt out easily. This will not only stop you from annoying them but will clean up your data ensuring your delivery rate is as high as possible.


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