The 5 Hottest Summer Retail Email Templates

If you walk down the high street, chances are you’ll see store fronts full of summery clothes, hats, bikinis and outdoor equipment. Brands are competing throughout the summer months to make sales and a decent profit. Kids are off school, parents are booking holidays, and the time is right for the retail industry to boom.

Retail sales usually drop off in the winter, as shoppers stay indoors, so how can brands make the most of this opportunity? Through a fantastic email template and email marketing campaign, of course.

Today we will look at 5 email templates that have landed in my inbox, with an aim of enticing me to the summer section on their website.

If you have seen a professional email template that has caught your attention this summer, please feel free to tweet us @Wired_Marketing:

1. Burton

This email template follows your typical retail template style. There are navigation links at the top of the page, multiple call to actions throughout the copy, and great images of the products.

Whilst the top of the email includes a lot of information, I did want to read more, and see which items were being showcased this week. The subject line told me that the email content would feature ‘fresh prints’ which are shown in the imagery at the top of the template. Some of the items do have great prints, but this also entices the user to visit the website for more items. It acts as a teaser to drive website traffic.

I would’ve liked to see stronger and bolder call to actions, just so that they popped off the page a little more.



2. Asda

Asda is the perfect retailer for summer sales – because they sell, well, everything really. Emails form supermarkets have to be aimed at a large variety of people. Unlike a retailer like Burton, who will have a set target market and an ideal buyer persona, Asda will have many.

With this in mind, I have chosen this template as one of my favourites. The email isn’t revolutionary, and follows Asda’s emails conventions – they are usually laid out in this simple table structure.  But I think the choice of colour, imagery and products make this email stand out.

The call to actions are on brand, and stand out from the background, and the copy is down to earth, approachable, and easy to read – perfect for their shoppers.



3. New Look

This email really stood out in my inbox. I have come to expect New Look emails, and I am aware of their structure and how the email template will look. This is a great move from New Look as their branding is so strong and consistent, so they stick in my mind.

The colours and font at the top of this template is what makes it. Without these the email would be similar to those they have previously sent. The items they are promoting are ideal for the summer months, and for their buyer personas.



4. Topshop

This email is short, simple and straight to the point. The email fits nicely above the fold, and requires no additional effort from the contact. The email has been timed brilliantly, as here in the UK we are in the middle of a heatwave (known as a thing called ‘summer’ in other parts of the world…).

Again, as with the New Look email, Topshop emails generally follow the same rules and patterns – navigation at the top, and social sharing at the bottom.

The call to action, although not placed on a button, stands out from the white background, whilst remaining on brand, and matching the rest of the email content.


5. Mr Porter

This summery email isn’t as bold and bright as the other templates; instead they display their products in a simple and sleek way. The items are displayed in a symmetrical and easy to view way. Mr Porter is a brand known for its quality items, and its designer connections. And this email matches the brand exactly.

One thing I really liked about this email was the consistency. When I click any of the call to actions, I am taken to a page on their website, which includes each and every one of these items featured. I don’t have to hunt around the site for the items, or get distracted by related pieces. This is a great feature of Mr Porter’s emails, which is sure to drive sales.

mr porter



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