The best Bonfire Night email marketing campaigns

As soon as the nights begin to draw in, we start to think of Halloween – and as soon as that’s over with, we look to Bonfire Night.

Bonfire night, otherwise known as Guy Fawkes Night, allows us Brits to take part in celebrating the fact that King James the first survived the planted explosives that Guy Fawkes was caught guarding under the House of Lords in 1605.

It’s a bit of a random tradition, but that’s what we Brits do best (pancake day anyone?).

Here at Wired we love to bring you a roundup of topical and relevant email templates for almost any occasion – as marketers ramp up their usual email marketing efforts.

We’ve scouted out some of the best Bonfire night templates that have landed in our inbox over the last couple of weeks.

1. Debenhams

This email template strictly isn’t focused on bonfire night, but Debenhams have used the excuse for a party to give away a freebie and tied it into the firework theme. If the products were more autumnal it would tie the bonfire night theme and the firework imagery together.


2. New Balance

This email from New Balance carries on from a previous campaign. In their last campaign, NB highlighted how their glow in the dark clothing helped people at this time of year through a really great GIF. In this instance the imagery is bright and on topic and the call to action and offer really stand out.

FireShot Screen Capture #218 - 'New Balance' - shop_newbalance_com_pub_sf_FormLink__ri_=X0Gzc2X=WQpglLjHJlYQGoieTC6C6zagtYgAczbzfOzehgw85GHTzboXEcfVXMtX=WQpglLjHJlYQGrbOpoTherzfpEuaLMzdPzg

3. Fortnum & Mason

I’ve turned into a Fortnum & Mason stalker – I just love their emails. They are timely and relevant, include lovely products, and in general I look forward to seeing what they’ll come up with next. And this template is no different. The imagery of Big Ben has not been used by another company throughout these campaigns, which is surprising, so well done to Fortnums for using it. I also really like the additional value they are adding to contacts through the bottom invitations to events.

fortnum bonfire

4. New Look

Another of my favourite email senders – New Look – has created a great bonfire/autumnal email. The thing that strikes me about this email is the outfit suggestions perfect for bonfire night. From a pedantic, email design point of view – the symmetrical products are right up my street.

newlook bonfire

Did you see any other bonfire night email marketing that you liked? Tweet us a picture @Wired_Marketing or email me.

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