Top 10 Tips: Using Slideshare to increase social engagement

Slideshare is one of the biggest up and coming social media sites. It works in a very similar way to YouTube. Simply create a slide show, in Microsoft Powerpoint or another tool, and upload it and begin sharing. Slideshare allows users to flick through slides, embed them on blogs or websites, and socially share them.

The website has 60 million monthly visitors and 130 million page views so it makes sense for content producers to jump onto this platform, and begin producing engaging content to build brand awareness, and get your followers socially interacting with you. But if you’ve never used this site before, where do you start?

Never fear, Wired are here. Here are our top 10 tips for using Slideshare to increase social engagement:

1. Know your audience

Before you start creating content and sharing it, you need to know what kind of people use Slideshare and the type of content that is shared. Slideshare is mostly used by professionals who share relevant and informative content relating to a specific industry or topic. Think of Slideshare’s audience in a similar way to LinkedIns. So if you’re selling handbags or shoes, Slideshare probably isn’t for you.

2. Title and title page

Although Slideshare is continually growing in size, there is still a lot of competition out there to get your content seen. If you want to attract a lot of views, your title and title page will need to stand out and compelling enough to encourage users to view your slide show. Use colours and designs to entice user’s eyes.

3. Create great content

The kind of people who use Slideshare, will probably already have some knowledge of a specific topic and are looking for something extra from you. Great content is sure to stand out on Slideshare, but make sure it adds value to the reader, and doesn’t repeat itself. As you probably know great content is king these days. And this applies to Slideshare

4. Awesome presentations

On Slideshare, imagery and beautiful presentations also perform well. On top of creating fantastic content, your Slideshare should be visually striking and entertaining. Again, this will depend on the type of content you are creating, but try to include lovely pictures and visual clues so that your presentations is boring, and to ensure the reader makes it to the end of the show. A great presentation may mean yours is featured on the ‘Top Presentation of the Day’ which will produce even more traffic and awareness for your brand.

5. Optimise your presentation using keywords

In the same way you would a blog post; you can use keywords to help visibility with Slideshare to ensure they are found by people who are looking for them. Add your keywords in the title of the presentation and in the description where possible. The more people that find your presentation, the more views and traffic you will receive.

6. Combine Slideshare with your other social sites

As with all social media sites, you should use them as an army, rather than individual soldiers. Link out to your other accounts within your profile page, and promote your Slideshare across your social networks. Twitter embeds presentations within your tweets making it easier for users to view your content. See below:

wired slide





















7. Include a Call to Action

Ask your users to share and promote your content on your behalf or ask them to follow you across your social sites. Slideshare makes life easy for you, as it gives you the option to integrate social buttons in your slideshows. The person reading your content probably has colleagues and friends in the same industry, so help them share it.

8. Upload content frequently

If you want users to come back to you and continue to remain engaged, you need to post content frequently. Make time to build a presentation at least once a month, or more if you have the time.

9. Monitor their success

By monitoring your Slideshow’s metrics, you will begin to understand which type of content is working well and appealing to people. Slideshare shows you how many view the presentation has had, on which site, and if anyone has shared it. This helps you make presentations which are sure to succeed.

10. Include links

When promoting your presentation make it easy for users to view it. Link out to the correct slideshow, or consider embedding it in your blog. This won’t be crawled for SEO purposes but will add something extra to the type of content you create.


Your Slideshare account will not be an overnight success, but will add another string to your content bow. Like all social sites, it takes time to build a loyal audience, but once you’ve got one, it will all be worthwhile.


Have you been using Slideshare? Have you got any tips for us? Let us know, or tweet us @Wired_Marketing.

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