Top Ten Tips for Data Automation

Automation, automation, automation – it really is the buzz word of the marketing world at the moment. We’ve put together 10 of our top tips for anyone looking to start using marketing automation or looking to further their existing knowledge. We’ve collated this list and included some of our most popular resources on the topic to help you learn more.

When running automated campaigns, you should:

1. Keep it fresh and light 
Images, videos, creative content, short and snappy! Customers want easy to digest information, keep it engaging or it will be ignored.

2. Analyse and act 
Collecting mass amounts of data is useless if you don’t use the correct tools to transfer the information intelligently to benefit the business.

3. Remain Loyal 
Trace and track loyal customers and make sure they reap benefits for their dedication, be personal, specific, offer discounts, offers and rewards. Read our whitepaper on using email marketing to drive customer loyalty.

4. Be innovative 
Experiment, try new ideas and concepts. Customers like visually engaging content so test the waters to see what captures their attention.

5. Stay current
It is extremely important to keep up to date with your customers, keep data fresh and up to date, old data can cause big trouble. Here are our tips for capturing customer data.

6. Watch and listen
Keep an eye on the movement of your customers, capture new data when possible but remember all that which is of use to you, such as pages visited, time spent on your site or which devices have been used. All of this information can help to improve your automation strategy.

7. Personalisation is key
Remember that we all want to receive information which is relevant to us and feel that our opinions matter, recognise this and create an automated personal experience for all customers. Here’s a blog post detailing five examples of marketing personalisation.

8. Remember my birthday!
A birthday is also a good time to give somebody a little something and make them feel valued, use automation to remember special days and give a little something back. Here’s our a blog post on how birthday campaigns help increase engagement with your customers.

9. Grow your audience
Use incentives to grow your audience offering discounts, samples or products are great ways to get your current customers to forward you company to friends and family. Run surveys or a quiz to engage contacts and capture data for future marketing initiatives, read more about the data profiling tool here.

10. Know the limits
Collecting and using data is great but remember not to take advantage of your power, be mindful and plan tactical whilst sending meaningful campaigns.


If you want to find out more on Data Automation download our conversational email marketing whitepaper to learn how to collect, use and analyse data in much more depth.

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