Triggered Email Marketing & Great Brand Examples

Using triggered email marketing ensures you are sending your contact a targeted and automated email based on how they are acting or behaving through their individual journey. A triggered email is sent to a contact when they are active with specific aspects of your brand, whether that is social media channels, your website or other channels, meaning they receive a conversational email based on their interactions.

Once a lead has converted from a prospect to a customer your automated triggers may then be amended to attempt to keep them within the lifecycle customer journey.

Transactional emails are sent as a result of a transaction, which could be an order confirmation, password reset or delivery notification. This is content which a customer is awaiting to inform them further and these campaigns often have a high open and click rate as the content is providing relevant and informative updates.


Transactional emails may contain the following:

  • Thank you (sale confirmation)
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Review / refer to a friend / discount campaign
  • Because you bought (a) we thought you may be interested in (b) (Upselling)
  • Tell us what you like (survey)
  • Have you seen our latest and greatest? (Upselling)
  • Season’s greetings (Discount)
  • Loyalty discount
  • Have we done something wrong? (If they lack engagement, focus on list hygiene)
  • Do you still love us? (opt out, data cleanse)


Here are some examples of event triggered emails:

  • New subscriber Welcome sequence
  • Lead to email list welcome
  • Welcome series for new customer
  • Reactivation of customers (inactive or nonengaged customers)
  • Abandoned shopping cart (Left cart without completing purchase)
  • Abandoned Browser (Unexpectedly left site without placing items in cart)
  • Repurchase (Product purchase reminder, supply shortage)


Here are some great examples of brands who use email triggers well:

Re-engagement from Birchbox:

Cart abandonment from Kate Spade:

Thank you from Kate Spade


Feedback Survey from Selfridges


Order confirmation from Asos


Birthday discount from Gap:


Re-engagement from Urban Outfitters:


To read further about how to use data to implement smarter automation, please download the whitepaper. Learn how to implement these techniques into your own marketing strategy.


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