Twitter security ramped up after series of hacks

Social media site Twitter has announced it will be launching an optional two-step login for users, following recent breaches.

A number of high profile social media profiles have been hacked over the last few months. Recent attacks include hacks of the Financial Times and the Associated Press (AP).

A tweet sent from AP’s hacked account stated that President Obama has been injured, causing uproar around the world.

Twitter also suffered a security breach in February as 250,000 users had their passwords stolen in an attack. News organisations were told to reset passwords and to tighten security.

Some hacks have come from political organisations. The Syrian Electronic Army, which appears to support President Assad’s government, claimed to be behind the attack on AP’s Twitter.

The head of security for Twitter Jim O’Leary said that users should reset their passwords, despite the new security plans. He said: “Of course, even with this new security option turned on, it’s still important for you to use a strong password and follow the rest of our advice for keeping your account secure.”

Twitter said the new system allows users to set up a two-step system that requires a verification code to log in:


Mr O’Leary said: “You’ll need a confirmed email address and a verified phone number. After a quick test to confirm that your phone can receive messages from Twitter, you’re ready to go.”

A text will be sent to the account holder’s phone with the code necessary to log in.

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