Understanding Key Website Engagement Metrics

It’s often hard to distinguish whether our social accounts, email campaigns and web pages are doing what we have intended. Are we engaging our audience and providing content which is sought after and anticipated by our viewers? To help you out, we have composed 10 key engagement metrics which will enable you to assess your success. 

Visit Frequency

Analysing the amount of times that your contacts visit your site enables you to gauge how loyal your customers are and how engaging the content you are sharing is for your audience. Through this metric you can determine which of your prospects and customers are active and engaged with your brand, allowing you to send them offers and relevant information when they are exploring your brand.  

User Actions

Monitoring your user’s actions provides you with a clear understanding of how your contacts interact with your site. From clicks, opens and downloads you can access which aspects of your site are most engaging for your visitors. This may then prompt the development of the content you produce and imagery and designs chosen to display.  

Web Movements

By understanding the journey a contact has taken through the site, web movements allows you to track where your customer has been and where they are going. This tool is great as it enables you to establish which pages are most successful and engaging to your audience. Not only this but if you have a page which is getting no views it highlights that there may be an issue with traffic direction or call to actions leading to that page.  

Interaction Frequency

Discover how many times a viewer has interacted, downloaded, watched, clicked or followed a call to action. This allows you to pinpoint trending content, customer favourites and well linked pages. Exploring this allows you to promote content which you know is popular and personalised emails to share content that you know an individual is interested in.  

Original Source

Where did you user come from? Was it a link, landing page or Google? If you are using social media, email and paid ads to drive traffic to your site, you are then able to analyse what platforms and channels are working most effectively for your business and which are the most engaging for your audience.  

Exit Pages

What page does your contact exit your site? Where does their journey end – at the checkout or at a thank you page? That’s what we hope but should your contacts leave your site before completing your call to actions, then using this metric may help you to review why this may be and where they lose engagement.  

Content A/B Testing

A/B Split testing allows you to develop and heighten your web and email engagement levels, as you are able to alter and amend your content dependent on your results. Simple changes can often be very effective from moving a call to action, simplifying text, adding visual content or minimising clutter and confusion. The most engaging content is that which is creative, informative and easy to follow and digest.

Bounce Rate

Are your contacts bouncing as soon as they land? Why is this? Monitoring your bounce rate allows you to locate issues within your site that may be causing your users to be unable to get to the desired location. Through the use of these tools you are able to keep your site organically flowing, which in turn keeps a customer journey fluid.  

Sessions Duration

Discover how long a contact has spent on your site overall, this enables you to analyse whether your site is offering value information to your audience. If people are remaining on your site, then it is safe to say that you are providing products and information that your audience is keen and happy to receive.  

New / Returning Users

Which of your viewers are new and which are returning? Monitoring your customers allows you to see if your promotional ads, emails, social and back links are having the desired effect in producing new customers. Whereas if your viewers are returning then you become aware that what you offer is worth returning for, from this data you can offer loyalty schemes and exclusivity to strengthen relationship and display customer value.


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