Using email marketing campaigns in a series

When creating an email marketing campaign it’s easy to focus on one at once and nothing else. It’s habit to concentrate on what aspects of that campaign you need, what will the subject line be? Does it render correctly? What data set will receive this campaign? But what you should look at is the bigger picture, and how your campaign performs as part of your overall strategy.

Yes, I agree that it’s important to take a step back following the sending of a campaign to analyse the reports. However, it’s just as important to understand how the campaign you’ve just sent will help you achieve your overall marketing aims.

Triggered emails, or an email series can really drive conversion as your contacts are ’touched’ at multiple points during the buying cycle.

Welcome emails

A fantastic (and some would say obligatory) example of a trigger campaign is a welcome email. First impressions count, and this is the same for email marketing. It’s only polite to send a trigger, or an auto-responder, when someone new subscribes to your emails or your newsletter.

Use the opportunity to tell your subscribers what you can do. What kind of information are they likely to receive from you? Do you want them to get social with you? Or are you feeling generous by giving them an introductory offer?

This email by LK Bennett is a great example of a welcome email. They tell me why they have my contact details, and what I will achieve by staying subscribed to their emails.  They’ve also included a great mix of multimedia, the video and the size guides.

lkbenett welcome

Reactivation emails

A reactivation campaign focused on encouraging your lazy subscribers to get involved. This means you can target your inactive or non-engaged subscribers with a special offer or other content. After all, the more people you have engaging and reading your campaigns, the more chance you have of converting one of those into a customer.

Take a look at this example from Asda. I signed up to their newsletter 3 weeks before I received the email below. I haven’t purchased anything from them, or ordered delivery online. As you can see they’re trying to encourage me to purchase online, and have given me a voucher to get me going again.

asda edit

Timeline emails

Timeline emails for a specific product or service are very effective, but they do rely on a lot of data. Without data provided by your contact, you will not be able to progress with the timeline. For example, if you’re having a baby, buying a house or planning a wedding, timeline emails that feature relevant products can have a fantastic conversion rate.

Encourage your contacts to give up their information in return for fantastically relevant content.


Don’t be afraid of contacting your subscriber multiple times. If you’re offering relevant content, that will be of interest to them and engage them, they will be more likely to open and interact with your campaigns.

If you see your unsubscribe rate rocket, or your open rate plunge, you know you’ve gone too far. Take a step back and reanalyse the content that is turning your contacts on.

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