Valentine’s Day Email Marketing: 3 Top Tips

Valentine’s Day is a massive money making machine for retailers and other companies alike. In 2013, an estimated £18billion was spent – so can you afford to overlook it?

In this post we’ll give you 3 top tips for sending lovely email marketing campaigns that are sure to boost your sales during this sweet time.

1. Don’t assume that only lovers will buy gifts

Whilst V-day is a time for sharing the lurve, don’t forget that singletons will spend money at this time of year too. According to recent figures, 60% of Valentine’s Day shoppers buy something for family members – don’t forget these shoppers. Tailor your content for both lovers and the singletons of the world.

2. Build a relationship with your contacts

Every time you speak to your contacts, via email, through your social accounts or on the phone, you are building a relationship. And now is the time to acknowledge it and take it one step further. Say thank you to your loyal customers, and contacts, by sending an offer, or exclusive content. You could even send a survey to capture data from your contacts to continually boost brand awareness and improve communications.

3. Get inspired

If you see an offer, content,  or even an email design that you like the look of – put it in an inspiration file. It may be too late for Vday 2014 – but you’ll be very organised for 2015 and your marketing techniques will smooth and sleek. Create a secret Pinterest board, set up an Evernote account, or even just a folder in your bookmarks – however you do it, you’ll be thankful when it comes to the next big holiday.

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