What should you look for when choosing an email marketing platform?

It’s hard to know what to look for when choosing an email marketing platform; are you looking for a standalone product, a managed campaign, or just the email sends?

There are many options available, which can be confusing for a new email marketer.

We believe your email marketing platform should include the following 5 key components, to ensure you’re getting the best performance for your money.

1. Your platform should collect and segment data

Collecting and uploading data can be daunting, especially if you have thousands of contacts; you need software that isn’t time consuming and simplifies complicated data exercises.

Check that your chosen platform allows you to upload your lists and address books in a couple of clicks, and that you can manages your lists within the platform, to save you wasting time importing and exporting.

You should also find a platform that checks your data for you. It should detect high risk addresses and quarantine those address that are dangerous and may lead your ISP to believe you are sending spam.

2. Your platform should allow you to create and build templates

A perfect platform will allow you to create your own professional email campaigns. The platform should be user friendly to both HTML lovers and haters.

The platform should also allow you to personalise your email content. Personalisation is a sure fire way to ensure your contacts engage and react to your campaigns.

If you aren’t comfortable building your own templates, the majority of email service providers will have a team who can make one to your requirements.

3. The platform should allow you to test and refine campaigns

As with all email marketing campaigns, you should test test test before you send. A great email platform will allow you to test how your campaign will render in various email clients, whilst checking for any spam issues within your content.

Once you have tested your campaign, refine it, test again, and send.

4. The platform should allow you to communicate

All good email marketing platforms will include the ability to add social sharing links and forward to a friend links.

Sending campaigns to your list is not the only way to get your message across. By including social sharing links, and a forward to a friend link, you are encouraging your contact to share the message across other mediums.

You should also encourage users to communicate with you across social media by including links to your profiles.

5. Report and analyse

One of the best things about an email marketing campaigns is the instant reports that are generated. All good email marketing platforms should include real time reports, including click throughs, opens, bounces etc. to show how effective your campaign has been.

Without reports you are sending emails blind and have no way of measuring their success. Reports will help you and improve your email campaigns every time one is sent.

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