What’s your social media personality?

A study conducted by UK bank First Direct, has found that there are 12 social media personalities. Their study consisted of an ‘in depth, month long experiment’, across a ‘nationwide survey, examining people’s social media attitudes and behaviours’.

According to Dr David Giles of Winchester University, users will probably be a combination of multiple personalities, and your social media personality may change depending on the social network you use. He said: “Most people using social media will display a combination of those personality types, and they may even behave differently on Facebook, for example, to how they behave on Twitter.”

Here is a list of the social media personalities, which one suits you?

1. The Ultras – These users will check their feeds dozens of times a day, and will happily admit that their addicted to social media. These people will check their feeds even whilst at work.

2. The Dippers – These users will dip into the world of social media infrequently. They may go days or weeks without posting, but will always come back.

3. The Deniers – These users are not as addicted to social media as The Ultras, but will still feel anxious if they can’t access their social media networks. 20% of Facebook users would feel ‘anxious’ or ‘isolated’ if they had to deactivate their accounts.

4. The Lurkers – These users hide in the shadows of cyberspace. They will sit back and watch what other users are saying but will rarely get involved themselves. 45% of Facebook users described themselves as ‘observers’, meaning my theory is correct – people love a good Facebook stalk.

5. The Peacocks – These people use social media as a popularity contest. They have a large number of friends or followers. One in ten Twitter users want more followers than their friends.

6. The Virgins – These people are taking their first tentative steps through the world of social media. Hand them a ‘Twitter for Dummies’ handbook. 19% of Brits don’t use any social networks.

7. The Ranters – These users are normally nice enough in real life, but turn into highly opinionated ranters when they get online.

8. The Changelings – They will adopt a new social media profile so that no one knows their real identity.

9. The Ghosts – Ghosts will create anonymous social media profiles, as they don’t want to give out personal information to strangers.

10. The Informers - These people look to create a following by sharing the latest news and gossip with their audience.

11. The Quizzers – They will ask questions which allow them to start conversations.

12. The Approval Seekers – These users will constantly check feeds after posting until people respond. One in seven Facebook users say it is important that others ‘like’ or reply to their updates.

Which social media personality (or personalities) do you have?

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