Why should brands care about Vine?

Twitter launched video sharing app Vine, back in January. The app allows you to capture and share a 6 second looping video. Multiple snapshots can be combined to create a quick-fire video, or the 6 seconds can be used in a continuous recording.

Like all new software, Vine is finding its feet in the business world, and business owners and marketers are scratching their heads, wondering how it can be used to gather income.

Brands should not rush in, download the app, and upload a short video without consideration. They should figure out how it fits in their wider strategy; overall business and social media aims.

The creation of an app like Vine, that combines images and video (almost like GIFs), should be exciting for marketers. It’s a glimpse into the future. And here’s why:

1. It gets us back on Twitter

Twitter has been developing their media services on their original platform. A Vine video can be uploaded directly from the app to Twitter or Facebook. This will drive Tweetdeck and Hootsuite users back to the original app/platform.

2. It’s an alternative to Instagram

Instagram is where all the cool kids are. It’s a great app that allows you to take, edit and upload to various social media sites. But it’s not too great for B2B content marketers who don’t sell a physical product that can be photographed.

This is where Vine will be very useful. It allows users to tell a short 6 second story which can be embedded into a single tweet.

3. It allows your personality to shine

If nothing else, Vine has cemented Twitter as the main social site that has a grip on quick and simple communication. But the platform itself is just the beginning.

When Twitter was launched there were exclamations of ‘well, 140 characters is just too short for me!’ and I’m sure the same will be said about Vine. But imagine the possibilities. A lot of imagination and creativity can be squeezed into 6 seconds.

Pic source: Mashable

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