Why should I use Landing Pages in my Email Marketing Campaigns?

Here at Wired Marketing we often find ourselves suggesting that our customers use landing pages in their email marketing campaigns. So why do we promote the use of landing pages so passionately? Well the benefits clearly outweigh just having your links go through to your own website. We have also created a nice Landing page for you to download for free. It is perfect if you have a competition going out to your subscribers.

Download it for free here.


Before going through the benefits your email marketing campaign can gain, you need to understand what a landing page is.

A landing page is a web page that allows you to capture a visitor’s information through a lead-capture form or guide them through with more targeted call to actions or information.

Landing pages target a specific audience with relevant information. For example you may have different offers on your email campaign. Each of these offers could then go through to a different landing page with different text, links and call to actions. This can really help you to get the correct sales message to the correct audience and not give them information that does not interest them. So a landing page allows for a more targeted message than the more general message that your website will provide.

So now that you know how a landing page works here are 3 of the main benefits of using a landing page:

1. Easily generate leads. The majority of email marketing campaigns sent out will often guide the user to the company’s website. This can often turn off the user with the general message of the website. With a more targeted message and information, the user will be more likely to phone in or give their details.

2. Make your offers stand out. If you have an offer or competition you should seriously consider sending your client through to a targeted landing page. The landing page will have the specific offer or competition on and the contact fields can then be pre-filled with the user details to maximise the likelihood of conversion occurring. It’s a great way to generate leads.

3. Get an overview of what your lead is interested in. So before your sales team even speak to your lead they will have a basic understanding of what your lead is interested in. This is due to the landing page being specifically targeted to what your lead is interested in. Your sales team will know what they clicked on and which landing page they came through to. This will make it easier to close the sale.


Wired Marketing has some very advanced features that will make landing pages an indispensable part of your email marketing campaigns. Here a few ideas that can help you with your landing pages:

  • Generate a landing page quickly and easily based on your website. All you have to do is enter your website address and then customise what content you want to show by using a simple wsiwyg editor.
  • Add in personalisation to every page. So you can have your lead’s first name pulled in from your contact list and put into every landing page. This will get your lead more tuned in to your offers and more likely to convert as it is personalised to them.
  • Add dynamic content to your landing pages. Maybe you have a client that has purchased a product from you before. Dynamic content will allow you to change a call to action image based on what they purchased previously to show a related or new product that compliments that purchase. Once they click on that link it will take them through to that specific product or landing page to increase the likelihood of upsells and cross sells.
  • Create a micro site of your website as a landing page and use this instead of going through to your actual website. This will allow you to add personalisation to every page and still keep your company branding.

So linking in your email marketing campaigns through to landing pages is a major key in increasing your conversion rates and click through rates. What are you waiting for? Download our free landing page and give your email marketing campaigns the boost that they need.



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