Why you should use a UK email marketing provider

It can be hard trying to decide which email marketing provider you should use. There are so many variables within the marketing industry, that you may feel overwhelmed if you’re new to the game.

Just with other types of services, we are no longer restricted to using companies that are local, or even in the same country. Take eBay for example, their platform allows customers to shop from all over the world. Customers can save a lot of money by shopping abroad, and it doesn’t use any more effort than shopping in the UK does.

However, finding the cheapest deal doesn’t always mean you will get the best deal. There are lots of benefits to using a UK based company as your email marketing provider, and here are some reasons why:

-  UK law

In the USA, there are restrictions in place regarding the use of data. Email marketing providers will not allow you to use a cold, bought data list. In the USA, email recipients must give their permission to receive certain emails. If you do send to recipients who haven’t given permission, you may be slapped with a hefty fine (up to $300 per email!) or you may even be thrown in jail.

In the UK, you can send most types of emails to anyone, even a cold, bought list that you haven’t used before. Of course, you need to provide the recipient with the ability to opt out from all future contact – again, this is the law.

If you are using a US provider, make sure you check the laws regarding data and systems yourself.

-  Deliverability rate

When an email is sent from a UK based IP address, to another UK based IP address, your deliverability rate will be better. If we’re both based in the south of England, and an email arrives from the States, your spam filter may be a little concerned.

The UK is known for having a good sender reputation, and by using a UK email marketing provider, you’ll have the advantage of the reputable servers.



-  Spam

A recent study by internet security firm Sophos, highlighted the top places where spam emails originate. Within the study, they found that India sent a whopping 9.3% of all spam to computers all over the world. Following closely behind India, the United States was found to send 8.3% of all spam and South Korea came in third position sending 5.7% of the world’s spam.

These figures are not based on just email marketing spam numbers, but allow you to understand how ISP’s build an impression of a country’s servers.

-  Support team

To paint the picture for you, you’re based in Birmingham, it’s 10am, and you’re getting stuck into your email marketing campaign. But alas, an error has occurred, and there’s only one way to fix it – by ringing your account manager. You look at the time and do some maths, your provider is based in New York – it’s 5am there! You’ve no choice but to send an email, and wait for the reply, or wait for four hours to pass before their offices open. And if your provider is in California, it would be 2am and you’d have to wait 7 hours! Either way, you’re wasting precious business time.

This is an obvious one, but it’s worth pointing out. By using a UK email marketing provider, you’ll be in the same time zone. Your account manager will be at the other end of a phone call (if it’s between 9am – 6pm anyway!) and you may even be able to travel and meet your team in person. They might even travel to see you, and give you onsite training. And whilst a trip to New York courtesy of work might be fun, it’ll be costly and will take up a lot of working hours.

NB, this information is intended to provide guidance only, and does not constitute professional advice.

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