Wired Email Marketing Master Class: Week 4 How to Create a Relaxing Watercolour effect in Photoshop

How to create a relaxing water colour effect in Photoshop

Welcome to week 4 of the Wired Marketing design masterclass. Have you seen the new watercolour email template we have just uploaded to our free template area? If not then go check it out here. Part of the design is to make photographs have a watercolour effect. This technique is very easy but very effective at the same time. So grab your eisel and brushes and learn this stylish watercolour technique. Don’t forget to check out the screencast below that I made to go with this tutorial.


1. Find an image you want to be made into a watercolour painting.
I chose a cottage image as it suited the email template design. Place the image on the Photoshop canvas. With the image layer selected press ctrl and g. This will place the image into a group.

2. Create a “hide all” layer mask on the image group.
With the cottage group selected click Layer > Layer Mask > Hide All. This will hide the cottage image.


3. Select the Layer mask box on the cottage group

4. Select a watercolour brush and start painting over the layer mask with white.
You can find loads of watercolour brushes on the internet. Just find one that you like and with the layer mask selected start brushing over the image with white as the colour. Try to use single strokes so that you end up with the watercolour brush effect on the edges of the image.

You can use different brushes for different strokes to get a varied effect.



Keep brushing until you are happy with the effect



5. Add some smudges around the edge of the image on layers below the cottage group.
Keep your watercolour brush out and select a colour. Create a new layer below the cottage group and start painting smudges around the image.

Try to use different brush types to get different shaped paint smudges to get a nice effect.

6. Add a photo filter adjustment and set it to warming filter.
Select the image layer inside the group. Click on Image > Adjustments > Photo filter. In the box that pops up make sure that “Warming Filter (85)” is selected and play around with the density until you get an effect that you are happy with.


With the image layer still selected, click on Filter > Artistic > Dry Brush. On the box that pops up change the sliders to get an effect that you are happy with. I chose a 9 on the brush detail and 1 for the texture.

And that’s all there is to it. Here is your watercolour painting made using just Photoshop.





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