Wired Email Marketing Master Class: Week 6 How to Create a Glowing Wave Effect

How to Create a Glowing Wave Effect

Welcome to week 6 of the Wired Marketing design masterclass. Surpise! We have an extra week of design master class for you to sink your teeth into. This week we released a new nightclub email template. This template has a cool glowing light wave effect around the outside. We thought that it would be a good idea to show you how to create this effect. So sit back and enjoy this simple but effective tutorial.


1. Draw a curved line using the pen tool.

Create 2 points by clicking where you want the line to go. On the second point, hold down the mouse and drag down. This should curve the line. Add a third point and drag upwards. This should create an S curve line.

2. Choose the brush tool and change the settings to match the screenshot below.


For the brush type just play around with different ones until you get an effect similar to the one shown above. Make the size 20px and reduce the spacing to 1%.


3. Set the Transfer tab on the brush options to Pen Pressure. See screenshot below:


4. Change back to the pen tool. Make sure that the colour is set to white. Create a new layer. Right click on the canvas and choose stroke path. In the pop-up choose brush and simulate pressure. Then click OK to create a stroke over the path.


5. Right click on the layer with the stroke on and choose blending options. Change the outer glow and inner glow to the same as the screenshots below:


Just use a similar colour blue to the one shown.


6. with the pen tool selected, hold ctrl and click on the path. This will show the anchor points on the line. Hold ctrl and click and drag the circle points to change the curve a little.


7. Repeat step 4 and stroke the line on a new layer.


Right click on the previous stroke layer and click on copy layer style. Then right click on the new stroke layer and click on paste layer style. There you have a cool glowing line effect.



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