Wired Marketing Master Class: Week 2 How to create a sunrise effect in Photoshop.

How to create a sunrise effect in Photoshop

Hey, here is the second part of the Wired Marketing Masterclass. I got swept up in all of the Olympic fever that has been going about for the past few weeks. That was the inspiration for this Olympic themed email template. This tutorial will show how to create the cool sunrise effect I made in the footer of the email template. If you want to know how to create the lighting effect in the logo then stay glued to Wired Marketing as I will be showing you this effect in a few weeks. For now though, enjoy the sunrise tutorial!


1. Create a new layer and fill it with black. Then use the rectangle marquee tool to create a shape like in the screen shot below. Create a new layer and fill the rectangle with grey.

2. Go to edit > define brush preset and call your brush “rectangle brush”.

3. Choose the brush tool and change the settings of your new brush to match the screenshots below:

4. Delete the previous rectangle layer and add a blank layer. Now use the brush to put some rectangles on the layer using grey. Then right click on the rectangles layer, choose blending options then drop shadow. Change the blend mode to color burn, 80% Opacity, 120º Angle, 5px Distance, and 10px Size. Repeat this step 3 times to add more rectangles and drop shadow to each until you get the effect shown below.

5. Select all of the rectangle layers, right click and merge layers. Resize the rectangle layer horizontally. Then click filter > blur > motion blur. Set the angle at 90% and 155 for the distance.

6. Select the ellipse tool and create the planet like below, use black for the colour.

7. Click the rectangle layer and then Layer > Layer mask > Reveal All. Then select the brush tool change it to a normal round brush 200px size, hardness 0%, opacity 20%. Then brush over the mask so that some rectangles are faded.

8. Go to Layer > New Fill Layer > gradient. Click ok on this popup then change the gradient so that you get a blue to light blue colour. This layer should be above the rectangles but below the planet. Change the blend mode to overlay.

9. Create a new layer fill it with black and then click filter > render > lens flare. Make the brightness 100% and use the 50 – 300mm zoom. Then change the blend mode of the layer to screen. Go to image > adjustments > Levels. Then change the input levels to 51, 1 and 255.

10. Add the photo from , it is royalty free. Then position it over the planet. You will need to resize and rotate it. Change the blend mode to screen.

11. Do layer > layer mask > reveal and brush over it in the same way as step 7. Just fade parts of the globe so it looks like below.

12. Create a new layer above the rest and fill it with black. Then click filter > Texture > grain. Set the intensity to 66% and the contrast to 60% then OK. Change the blend mode to soft light. Play with the opacity of the layer until you get the amount of darkness that you like.


And here is the finished email template with the sunrise in the footer:


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