Wired Marketing’s newest feature: Take your testing one step further

In your Wired Marketing account you may have already tried split testing. If you’re new to split testing, this means you can test multiple variants at once, such as a subject line or friendly from name, to understand which option your contacts prefer.

Split testing allows you to understand your contacts in more detail, for example, whether they prefer personalisation in a subject line, or a personal from name compared to a company name. Wired Marketing also allows you to test your template creative and your from address.

But now, we have taken split testing to the next level. Introducing ROI split testing.

Implementing our new feature takes a little bit of work on your side. If you haven’t already implemented this, simply log into your account, head to Campaigns > Advanced Features> Site & ROI tracking.

advanced feature

Click ‘Add new’ under ‘ROI split testing’ to tell Wired Marketing what ROI markers you will be using.

roi split testsing

Once you’ve done this, simply set up your split test as you normally would, choose your % and your split times.


On the page where you normally set up your split test options, you’ll see a new Radio button next to the Opens and Clicks options called ROI. If you click this, you will see your available markers as set up under the Advance Features section of the Campaigns area.

If the marker is a date, text or a yes or no value, you will use the Hits marker metric. If you’re using a number as your marker value, you’ll be able to use the number of Hits the marker gets, the total, or the average of the values that are fed back into Wired Marketing.

You then need to continue setting up your campaign, either through sending or scheduling and wait for the winner to be decided!

This split test takes your testing one step further, and truly allows you to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

If you’d like any assistance, or if you’d like to upgrade your account to include split testing, please get in touch here>


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