YouTube now has One Billion Monthly Users

YouTube, the biggest video sharing site around, has announced it has passed one billion regular users.

The social website, owned by Google, announced the milestone on its blog, and said the recent growth in smartphones had helped boost the number of visitors each month.

YouTube was launched in 2005 and bought by Google for around £1.13billion in 2006. The website sells advertising alongside the video uploading platform.

YouTube now poses a challenge to other social networking sites. Facebook passed one billion monthly users in October 2012. It took the social site eight years to achieve one billion active users, and Twitter has around 200 million active users every month.

YouTube also announced some astonishing figures in its statement: “Nearly one out of every two people on the Internet visits YouTube. If YouTube were a country, we’d be the third largest in the world after China and India.”

The site was launched in California by three former PayPal employees and the first upload was by co-founder Jawed Karim entitled ‘Me at the Zoo’.

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