3 Signs It’s Time to Purchase Social Automation Software

Effective social engagement is key to your business’s marketing success. However, if that engagement isn’t handled strategically and carefully monitored, it can backfire on your business. If you’re experiencing any of the following problems, it’s time to look into social automation tools. As with your email marketing and other online campaigns, automation makes the process easier and more effective.

Your Marketing Messages are Overwhelming

The half-life of an individual tweet – the time it takes the tweet to get half of the views it will ever get – is only 2.8 hours (bitly). If you want to keep your account’s engagement constant, you need to send out marketing messages regularly. Use automation software to pre-write social messages and indicate when you want the software to post them to your accounts.

- Buffer:  Every time you visit a webpage you’d like to tweet, you use the tool to add the link to your tweet queue and schedule when it will appear.

- Bundle Post: Enables you to automate frequently repeating content, like specific hashtags or “Marketing Mondays.” You can also use it to bulk post to various networks.

- Social Oomph: Schedules updates to your various social accounts like many other tools, but also enables you to track your social analytics – mentions, click-throughs, etc. This helps you gauge the efficacy of your marketing messages and tweak your social marketing strategy.

You Can’t Manage your Multiple Accounts

In order to have a complete social presence, you need to have accounts on every platform your customers are engaging with: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, and more. Blasting the same messages through every account, however, can harm your overall marketing efforts.

Each platform is unique in its users, preferred content, and posting best practices, and each one must be managed differently. For example – the half-life of a tweet may be 2.8 hours, but a Facebook status lasts 3.2 hours. Having your accounts on the same schedule could mean that one is making too many posts while the other isn’t making enough.

- Hootsuite: Integrates your Twitter, Linkedin, Foursquare, Facebook (personal, page, and group), and other accounts into one single dashboard where you can manage and schedule your updates accordingly.

- The simplest automation tool – you plug a group of RSS feeds in to the tool and select which accounts each feed posts to.

You Can’t Keep Up With Your Customer Service

How many customer service requests are you receiving over social each day? How many of them are you responding to? Social customer service is booming – expected to grow by 53% in 2013 – but brands are notoriously slow in catching up. For example, 58% of customers who tweet about a bad experience with a company will not receive a response (Bluewolf).

In order for your brand to provide speedy, effective customer service, you need to monitor all of your social media mentions. With the right tools, you can make sure your customer service issues are being addressed over social.

- Social Mention: Receive an alert any time your brand is mentioned on a host of social media sites, allowing you to quickly address any pressing customer service issues.

- Alternion: Like Hootsuite, it combines all of your social platforms into one dashboard so that you can monitor all of your pages at once.

Your social automation software is only as good as the content you put into it. If your content sounds like it came from a robot, your followers won’t respond positively. Give your messages a human voice; provide content that will interest your audience; and be sure to respond to customers in a speedy, thoughtful manner.

Bio: Megan Webb-Morgan blogs for a variety of business blogs worldwide. As a copywriter for, she focuses on a variety of topics including marketing and social media. You can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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