40 Ways to Measure Marketing Success

When developing a marketing strategy, we must try to change small aspects at a time and then we can track and measure the success of our marketing. Often we have big ideas and want to change everything we do, but when doing this it is difficult to analyse and pinpoint what methods, tools and techniques have been positive and negative.


Here we have created a list of 40 ways to measure marketing success, through the exploration of all these metrics you can manage and monitor your marketing from email to web and everything in between, enabling you to develop your marketing strategy by identifying your brands strengths and weaknesses.

Drive your marketing by managing the following metrics:

  1. Opens
  2. Clicks
  3. Forwards
  4. Spam score
  5. Delivery Rate
  6. Unsubscribes
  7. Page Views
  8. New Users
  9. Returning Users
  10. Total Users
  12. Subscriptions
  13. RSS Feed Subscription
  14. Sessions
  15. Bounce Rate
  16. Time on Page
  17. Multiple Page Use
  18. Traffic source
  19. Trending Products
  20. Keywords
  21. Hot Content
  22. Direct Sales
  23. Leads
  24. Conversions
  25. Loyalty / Retention
  26. Reviews
  27. Referrals
  28. Increased Customer Satisfaction
  29. Social Interaction
  31. Likes / Favourites
  34. Direct Messages
  35. Rating
  36. Direct Calls
  37. Competition Entries
  38. Discount Redemption Rate
  39. SEO Ranking
  40. ROI Increase


Develop your knowledge and understanding of email marketing metrics here, with another article that expands on how to measure and read marketing reports and metrics.


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